Homeschool Activities for Teens: 99 Activities They Actually Won't Hate

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The two most dreaded words in the English language? “That’s boring.” Especially when escaping the lips of your resident homeschooled teenager regarding the educational opportunity you just presented them with.

In my homeschool, we never do anything that’s boring! Because to me education is all about curiosity and freedom and creativity. Kids (well, actually, people) learn best when they are engaged.


Throughout my years of homeschooling middle and high school, I made it my mission to create learning opportunities for my daughters that helped them build skills in problem solving, determination, communication, kindness, and creativity while allowing them to feel full of excitement and joy. Some of the activities I came up with were total flops. The other 99 made it in to this book.


Unit Studies

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Looking to educate your teen by letting them deeply explore various topics?  My Unity Study Curriculum offer activities and assignments in a focused topic and cover history, language arts, science, and more.

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Custom Unit Study

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Looking to customize your teen's education to their unique interests?

Let me curate all of the best educational resources surrounding your teen's interest into a complete Unit Study.

You select the topic and I select the videos, articles, books, projects, activities, field trip ideas, classes, and experiments to help them dive deep into their area of curiosity while helping them to build their comprehension, research, communication, planning, and problem solving skills. I aim to create a balance of "desk work" and "hands-on".

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How to be Sure Your Child is Getting the Best Education Possible

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